Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dawn Marie - Still Hot After All These Years

I would still jerk off to Dawn Marie. That's not a diss to her. If anything, it's a huge compliment. I can still look at her and say to myself, "I would ruin that ass!"

Give me a fucking break. I'm a guy and this is guy talk. This is what all you dudes say when you look at the WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Up and Coming Indy Wrestlers that compete in female wrestling promotions like WSU... or any other female for that matter. You don't gawk at them and say, "She's a helluva wrestler. Good technician. Solid promos. Can't wait to see her next match". Absolutely NOT! It's all about how hot she is, how big her tits are and how they jiggle when her body hits the mat, and how you'd like her to bounce that sweet ass on her your lap. I've heard some of these perverts even go as far as saying that they'd drink a mile of a woman's piss just to see where it came from. You nasty motherfuckers!

The bottomline is that as a former WWE Diva and ECW original, Dawn Marie has pretty much fallen off the pro wrestling radar. Last time anyone really heard from her, she was being accused of scamming money out of the Wrestler's Rescue charity organization that she co-founded. Which, by the way, is total bullshit. If she's guilty of anything, it's trusting people. But who wants to talk about politics when you have a rack like that? Let's get back to the point before I lose my erection.

Even though Dawn hasn't spent much time in the limelight, it's understandable because she's now a full-time mother. And I'd just like to thank those kids for making that boobage so much more desirable. You talk about MILFs? You can add Dawn Marie at the top of the food chain. Amazingly, she is one of the few notable divas that has never sold herself out and taken it all off for profit. Damn her for having such integrity.

The closest thing you may have seen was when Dawn Marie flashed her boobs on WWE Smackdown wearing pasties. I ran into Dawn over the winter at one of those over crowded pro wrestling conventions in New Jersey, and she was still looking as hot as ever. She hasn't lost it a bit. So what if she's a little bit thicker. That's just more Dawn Marie to enjoy. I've been a big fan of hers since we first met back in 1996. We've done a bunch of work together over the years, and I'm looking forward to doing more. There is absolutely no reason why this hottie should be forgotten.

My question to you wrestling fans is, where does she rank amongest the all-time WWE divas, or all-time female wrestling personalities? People still go banana flavored ape shit over Tammy "Sunny" Sytch, but she's equally hot, got naked with a bunch of other crack whores, and is at least a Hall of Famer. It's understandable. Tammy deserves her props. But back to the question, and taking into consideration how hot she still is, where does Dawn Marie rank?

Click the link if you're interested in seeing some old rare candid pictures of Dawn Marie

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